RISE Media Strategy

Marketing Strategy and Product Marketing Consultation

Don’t just know your customer. Become obsessed with them.

Your strategy is based on knowing your customer. Knowing in the sense that you understand their behavior, their questions, and their willingness to consume your content to find the answers. This knowledge allows you to build out a marketing strategy or product marketing plan and ultimately produces compelling content that will clearly communicate to your customers and internally to your team. Getting this right will save you the one thing you can never get more of—time. Content works for you around the clock and can only come from great product marketing planning and marketing strategy. To get a YES in the marketplace, say yes to a product marketing plan.

Product Marketing

A product can seem like the perfect problem solver, but what steps can you take to give your company a higher degree of certainty that this is actually true? Product marketing is a strategic approach to value delivery that uses a deep understanding of your customer to propel engagement toward sales through honest, transparent, helpful information. We build personas, match the product with the actual need, help you with competitive analysis, ensure sales alignment, and properly position your product for sustained success.

Product Management

Managing the introduction, performance, and life cycle of your product can be daunting. At RISE, we have experience helping large firms put processes in place to do just that. Great product management teams are built from leadership at the highest levels of the organization. RISE can help you communicate your plan to the leadership team in terms they will understand and be backed by the insight that they’ll trust.

Creative Direction

If you feel too close to your product or service, let RISE help. We can serve as inspiration catalysts to get you thinking differently about your product, service, or communication messaging and strategy. From ad copy to email campaign themes, we have something up our sleeve.

Campaign Strategy

What methods do you use to get your message out? Have you tried all of the social media platforms? Do you know where and how to find your customers? We can help you test your messaging across all platforms to find not only where your customers are, but how to engage them in a way that educates them first along their journey to becoming a customer. Tracked properly, you can finally build out an ROI report.

Advertising Placement Strategy

Should you run ads? How? Where? What’s the cost? At RISE, we have relationships with trade publications and will work with your team to take advantage of the best advertising opportunities that meet your budget and goals. 

What can great content do for you?

Let’s figure it out together.