RISE Media Strategy


What is content? What makes content good?

Content is the driving force of your strategy and the central communication tool for everything internal and external to your business. Good content is content that creates a resounding YES in the market. It’s a delicate dance between selling your products and services and providing information. In the end, your content should be one thing above all to attract and retain today’s savvy consumer: helpful

How do you fuel the content engine that keeps your business not only surviving amid tough competition but thriving?

Content, content, content! Just when you think you’ve got a solid blog, video, case study, or landing page that’s going to move mountains for your marketing, it’s time to start thinking about what’s next to keep up with the crushing pace of the digital universe.

Let us do it for you. We’ll take the pressure off so you can focus on running your business. Great content works for you 24/7.

How do you know the content will be good...and appropriate for your business?

Because at RISE, not only do we speak YES, but we speak the intricate and nuanced language of AV. From the most luxurious residential AV products to the most utilitarian commercial AV necessities, we know how to make complicated concepts and sophisticated technology palatable to even the newest of newbies. 


RISE CEO Krissy Rushing Tomlin has her roots in AV journalism. Co-Founder Jayson Tomlin is not only a seasoned marketing executive but a patented audio engineer creating audio technology that’s used by legendary music producers and backed by such recording legends as Steely Dan producer, Gary Katz. 


This duo effortlessly brings understanding to your products and helps you create content that not only shines, but garners leads and closes deals! Together they will guide your content to success and help you get MORE out of your marketing dollar. 

What kind of content do you need?

Now, let’s discuss what kind of content you need now! We can write absolutely anything (remember, we speak YES). Ideally, however, your content is strategic and pulls the customers along their journey to purchase your products.

Foundational Messaging: It Starts With a Great Story

Getting your messaging right is the most important step to take before you embark on any content campaign. Have you crystalized your story? Is it compelling? Does it clearly state who you are and what you do, in under three seconds? Does it make your customer, not you, the hero? RISE can help get you get started on the right foot so that whatever form your message takes—anywhere along the buyer’s journey—it’s rock-solid. 

Blogs: Attract Customers to Your Brand

Blogs can be one of the most effective means of attracting customers to your brand. However, you can also write a blog every day and never see a meaningful spike in web traffic or a new lead. Your blogs need to be strategically planned and optimized for search to attract the right people. They also need to be helpful, interesting, readable, and provide the user with valuable information. Don’t write blogs in a vacuum, RISE can help you structure your blogs with purpose!

Thought Leadership & Ghost-Writing: Your Brand Becomes the Authority

Are your brand leaders visible in the AV community and the digital sphere? We love working with our clients to create a voice in the market that allows your brand to become an authority. Whether it’s the company CEO or another leader, your brand has something to say. If it doesn’t, we can help you find that voice to become an active presence and resource to the community. Thought leadership content is the content vehicle that raises awareness and builds authority, whether it’s ghost-writing a column on a trending subject or producing a powerful quote for a media feature, RISE can help.

Case Studies: Make Your Products and Services Relatable

The case study is one of the most powerful content formats you can harness because it lets your customers do the talking for you, which lends authority while making your product or service relatable, understandable, and interesting. Unique applications that may not seem obvious to customers suddenly come to life. Complex technical specs are translated into real use cases, becoming practical and helpful. Ultimately, the case study not only warms prospects up to the idea of working together, but it’s also where they have “aha” and “I didn’t know you can do that” moments that help seal the deal.

Marketing Collateral: Take the Burden Off Your Team

The sheer amount of content required for a product launch can be overwhelming. Newsletters, email campaigns, press releases, product pages, white papers, blurbs, and more all need to be ready to go when your product launches. Let us do the heavy lifting for you and get your product launch, service, or initiative off to an incredible start that builds waves upon waves of momentum. This is what we do.

Copywriting: Impact Is Everything

When it comes to creating copy for your ads, website, and marketing campaigns the impact of your words is everything. Making sure your copy is a balance between your primary messaging and product messaging while being interesting and concise enough to stop people in their tracks and pay attention to your brand is no easy feat. RISE can help cut through the digital and print clutter to get potential customers’ attention!

Social Media: Post with Purpose

One of the biggest mistakes marketers make is feeding the social media beast is having no regard for the nutrition of the content. Don’t post just to post. It won’t do a thing for your brand or your bottom line. Post with purpose! Each post should be designed around a business objective, like building a loyal fan base or generating product leads.

What can great content do for you?

Let’s figure it out together.