RISE Media Strategy

Public Relations (PR) for the AV Industry

Great PR Begins with a Great Story

Public relations is an intensive job, and it’s often one thing that many AV manufacturers and service providers think that they can do themselves. There is a lot more that goes into great PR than writing and submitting a press release to the trades, however. You need, first and foremost, great messaging and copy that tells your brand’s story, funneling that messaging into everything from a PR about leadership change to a product release. Messaging come first, then great PR will follow. 


PR: Just One Part of Your Big Marketing Picture

Public Relations is not rocket science, but it does require two things. Time and relationships. If you don’t have the time to thoughtfully consider and write a press release and build relationships (or harness the relationships you already have) then you might need help. Outsourcing this part of your marketing might be a good idea for pro AV, residential AV, pro audio, and broadcast AV manufacturers and service providers. However, at RISE, we consider it to be one spoke of the marketing wheel. RISE makes your PR more powerful by deploying that carefully crafted message that is integrated into all parts of your big picture, while taking the burden of chasing PR off your plate. 

Don't Fall Prey to the 'PR Handoff'

RISE prides itself as an integral part of your marketing team. The way we work is to be part of conversations that are ongoing so that you don't have to do a 'handoff' to your public relations team in order to get a PR crafted. The latter approach can leave your press materials, myopic, fragmented, and ultimately ineffective in getting your message out to the AV market.

No Rewrites Necessary

At RISE, we've been part of the home technology, pro AV, broadcast AV, and pro audio industries for decades. That, plus our mad writing skills mean that you won't need to spend a significant amount of town "downloading" before the writing process begins, nor will you need to sharpen your red pencils when it comes time to approving copy. The process is smooth and easy. Promise.

Media Relations Far Beyond PR

Great PR is way more than just writing and submitting a press release, although getting that right is key. After that happens, you have to take steps to monitor media outlets and ensure that your news is getting the attention it deserves. RISE is your advocate in that way. Additionally,  there are all sort of editorial opportunities that are available to you. We research those and bring them to your doorstep. That’s all in addition to actively pitching the press on your behalf. The combination of submitting news, finding exisiting opportunities, and creating new ones is a 1-2-3 punch of public relations greatness. We got you! 

Our Public Relations Promises to You
  • We will never ‘gate keep’ relationships. Our goal is not to control the relationship with the media outlets to create value. Our value is the content and the ability to make news happen while relieving the burden on your internal marketing team. At the end of our relationship working together, our goal is for you to be as familiar with the media outlets and journalists as we are.
    We will not represent two brands in the same product category.


  • We will avoid conflict of interest. For example, if a client decides to enter a product category that competes with another client’s product lineup. If a conflict arises, we will present it to clients to resolve the issue with full transparency.


  • We will always put the client first. Our job is not to be the star of the show, but make YOU the star of the show. We are your guide and advocate to make that happen. You won’t find us out on camera in the spotlight, but working behind the scenes to get you there!


  • We won’t put non-trade-show clients second to trade show clients. We’ve seen this happen a lot around the time of a big trade show, when those participating in the trade show get the lion’s share of the attention from your marketing or PR partner. Not acceptable. Our non-trade-show clients get every bit of their retainer value, even during our busiest months.

Expand Your Media Presence

Let’s see how we can work together to multiply your message.